Frees you from
fruit flies
without killing.

Live trap for fruit flies
With a natural lure, the Dr. Reckhaus Fruit Fly Rescuer attracts fruit flies and holds them.

Dr. Reckhaus Fruit Fly Rescuer


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Why do we save fruit flies?

Because fruit flies, although we find them annoying, are part of our sensitive ecosystem. In nature, everything is connected. If we deprive nature around fruit flies, we have to reckon with unexplored consequential damage.

Fruit flies are part of food webs and therefore serve as a food sourcefor other insects, spiders, reptiles, amphibians, fish and carnivorous plants.

They pollinate plants such as orchids and aronstick plants and break down organic material. As a result, they return it to the ecological cycle and thus also contribute to soil fertility.

Fruit flies are animals and need our protection. In order to protect fruit flies, we must first be able to get to know and understand these flying insects.

Support Insects with

For each product sold, 10 cents will be invested directly in the INSECT RESPECT® areas in order to create a new habitat for insects.

Dr. Reckhaus Fruit Fly Rescuer



  • Fruit Fly Rescuer
  • Guide with many prevention tips
  • Natural lure
    for 6 – 8 weeks


  • 10 cents are invested directly in insect extraction per product sold
  • Reusable with Dr. Reckhaus Refill-Lockstoff
  • Natural lure: apple cider vinegar


  • Fruit Fly Rescuer: Recycled PET
  • Packaging: FSC paper, CO2neutral printed.


  • This product is made in a workshop for people with disabilities

Application period

  • April to November

Instruction manual

Decorate your trap yourself with our decoration labels to print.

with Refiller

  • Natural lure
  • Rescuing instead of killing
  • Works 6 to 8 weeks