Rescuing insects
instead of killing!

Dr. Reckhaus Fruit Fly Rescuer
An ethical and ecological revolution.

«Without insects, humanity would only survive for a few months.»

We need insects. They pollinate, decompose, heal, feed, produce.

There are fewer and fewer insects. In some areas, the number of flying insects has dropped by 75 % in 30 years.

In ecosystems, every species has its job – even fruit flies.

Help us to save valuable insects!

Edward O. Wilson, entomologist Saving Insects

Frees you from
fruit flies
without killing.

Dr. Reckhaus Fruit Fly Rescuer

Live trap for fruit flies
works 6 – 8 weeks

Per product sold,
10 cents are invested directly in insect extraction.

When Dr. Reckhaus
killed the dying.

How Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus transformed from being an insect killer into an insect rescuer. The story of rethinking and reacting in the biocidal industry.

Frees you from
insects in the house
without killing.

How we avoid insects in the house: prevention tips and advice in case of insect infestation.

Learn how to keep the six-legged friends outside and if they are already in the house, how to get the insects back out without killing them.