Insects need
our attention

Insects are vital for survival. Without them, humans could only survive for a few months. That is why we at Dr. Reckhaus are committed to the protection and promotion of insects!

What is the value of an insect?

Dr. Reckhaus protects the insects with live traps to save them instead of kill them and relies on the quality mark of INSECT RESPECT® for a sustainable promotion of insects.

INSECT RESPECT® means taking the question of the value of the insect seriously and acting accordingly. It is the world’s first quality mark for ecologically balanced control. On products, the quality mark guarantees that an insect-friendly habitat has been created to promote biodiversity.

When purchasing a Dr. Reckhaus fruit fly rescuer, 10 cents go directly to the facility of insect-friendly habitats.

INSECT RESPECT® since 1.9.2012:
A sign of respect for insects.

How to save insects

Set a sign of respect

Become part of the community and share our vision!

Save and promote the valuable insects with us.

The same handling as with the water

As children, we learned that we have to use water sparingly. A faucet is not simply let run, in the shower we were not allowed to stay too long, the garden hose was turned off immediately after using. If we use too much water when washing our hands, we get an uneasy feeling – a bad conscience. Why do we have this bad conscience? Because we have learned that water is precious. Today, it is a matter of course for us to use water sparingly.

For insects, we want to achieve the same thing. We are working to ensure that we humans no longer kill insects. That we learn to be more aware of insects and that it becomes a matter of course for us to save insects instead of killing them.